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1. Warranty effective only for original buyers, and only effective if product is purchased from company outlet or authorized dealer.

2. Any kind of Care product warranty claim based on manufacturing defect or poor workman ship under the normal use.

3. Warranty period 12 months only effective from the date of purchase.

4. Warranty claim would be entertained with respect to company service policy.

5. In case of providing home service, visit charges will be applicable.

6. In case of defect product would be repaired not replaced with new one part in one year.

7. There is no warranty in any kind of glass, Electric element & Remote control.

8. Any proceedings arising out of or in connection with this warranty or the use of the product may only be brought forward in the court of jurisdiction in Lahore.

9. Any kind of information, Help, complaints & comments contact on company Care No.0321-111-2273

10. Electric short circuit, voltage fluctuation, poor wiring, wrong use, missing parts, accidental damage & natural disaster will not be covered in warranty.

11. The warranty card must be properly filled and bears dealer’s seal at the time of purchase. Unfilled or partially filled warranty card and those with cutting and re-writing will not be entertained.

12. Warranty is invalid in case of no compliance to instruction manuals.

13. Warranty is invalid if any product damage occurs due to insect bites or rodents (Mouse. Rat etc.)

14. The company shall not be responsible for any loss or damage occurred to the property and/or person arising out of the use and/ or operation of the product.

15. In case of any assistance or explanation regarding the warranty, please contact  company’s head office.